Address: 21537 Kamisiro Hakuba-mura Kitaazumi-gun Nagano Japan
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The appearance                    Domitory Room

                                                             Goryu Drive Station is located in Hakuba village Nagano prefectre.
                                              Hakuba is known as one of the most popular ski field in Japan.

                                                             It is the inexpensive dormitory which is convenient for a person enjoying Hakuba

                                                             A supermarket 24H open,hot spring is near immediately.


Dormitory Room               Shower Room
Double decker with curtain which can keep privacy.   There is a man and woman for each
There is 44 Beds.
                     2 Room.
                          Charge: 200 yen/once


 All Season Anytime  1 Bed : 2500 yen   8% tax excluded.

Winter season additional charge   For heating : 200 yen/day.


 From JR Kamishiro Station or Hakuba Goryu Bus stop   About seven minutes walk.

                                                                                   Along the R148


 Regular holiday is thursday

                                                                        Telephone :  from Japan : 0261-75-2819
                                                             from overseas : +81-261-75-2819

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                                                             from overseas : +81-261-75-3757

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